10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Cost of Flute Lessons

Monday, August 5, 2019 by Yulia Berry | Studio

Here at Yulia Berry's Flute Studio, your tuition pays for a lot more than just your weekly scheduled lesson time. Below are 10 things besides your exclusive lesson time that your tuition pays for.

1. Planning & Preparation

As instructor, Yulia Berry spends time planning your lessons and your program. She even does research browsing libraries and archives or  newly published music, books and methods to see what would be perfect just for you! She will do everything she can to make your lesson time productive and fun.

 2. Materials

Unlike other studios, we never invoice you for any materials. Books, music and print outs of music activitites, music theory and history are all included in your monthly tuition!

 3. Recitals & Events 

You get opportunity to perform regularly with a professional accompanist at beautiful venues. Recitals are concidered performance classes and are included in your monthly tuition. We handle paying for renting venues, the accompanist work on the recital day, designing and printing posters, programs and certificates, holding receptions, congratulating all students with flowers, souvenirs and awards. Take a look at pictures on our FB page or website of some of the amazing places our students play.

*What is not included in your tuition: piano rehearsals.
Piano rehearsals are necessary to prepare for a public performance or to keep growing as a musician and move to the next level.
The number and length of piano rehearsals is determined individually. It takes 1-3 rehearsals to prepare for an event and depends on the student level, progress, goal and the accompanist's availability.
The students will be billed for the rehearsals separately.

 4. Lesson enrichment

Lessons and tuition include: Music Theory, Music History, Music Quizzes, Rhythm Developing Games, Ensembles, Incentives. These extras are only available at Yulia Berry's Flute Studio. She spends a lot of time, energy and finances, searching for, creating and planning this enrichment program to be included in your music curriculum.

5. Expenses

Here are just some of the things the studio has to pay for in order to maintain a high quality environment for you: rent, insurance, bookkeeping, incentive programs, printing, new books, professional development and memberships, flute journals, video lesson software, website portal, etc

6. High quality instruction

Here at Yulia Berry's Flute Studio, you get access to a highly experienced instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience and two Master Degrees in Music, who is not only knowledgable, but is also fun, friendly, and can adapt to a variety of learning styles. You also get to work with professional and highly experienced accompanists. Together we will make sure that you always make best progress in growing as flutist and musician.

7. Professional Development

Your instructor at Yulia Berry's Flute Studio is a lifelong student as well! Some of the days the studio is closed, so your instructor can hone up her skills, learn the newest research on music education, participate in webinars, and find the most exciting new music for you!
So even though you have no lessons on certain days, you still benefit because your instructor is continually improving and learning how to serve you better!

 8. Teacher/Parent/Student Portal

We use an amazing management program here at Yulia Berry's Flute Studio, called My Music Staff. We use it for practice assignments, scheduling, billing, teacher's lesson notes, and more.

9. An Exciting Experience

At Yulia Berry's Flute Studio, you aren’t just getting weekly lessons. You are part of a thriving group of musicians. We have periodic group classes, incorporated into the year curriculum, where students work together and encourage one another. Your instructor is dedicated to your success and passionate about music learning!
We also have fun receptions after recitals, where we love to socialize!

 10. Benefits Beyond Music

There are numerous studies showing the amazing benefits of studying music, such as language skills, improved test scores, self-esteem, listening skills, math skills, making the brain work harder, relieving stress, creativity.

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