My daughter is 5 years old and this is her first time learning an instrument. Yulia is such an excellent teacher with a wealth of experience and patience for beginners, no matter you are an adult or a child. After a year of study with Yulia, I can see great progress in my daughter. She can now play a lot of music with recorder and start to show great interest and feeling for music. I'm so happy to have Yulia as my daughter's teacher. I would not hesitate to recommend Yulia to anyone who wants to learn flute or recorder.

严猫样年华  (Rachel Y.), Quincy, MA 

Yulia is an exceptional teacher! I have learned  more from her in less than a year taking two lessons a month than from any of my five previous teachers. I am an adult and she has helped me improve my tone, breathing, technique and phrasing. She explains things well and sets high expectations, but is patient.  Plus, she is a lovely person!

Jody F., Needham, MA

My son has been taking flute with Yulia Berry for over four years, and a large part of why he loves his instrument so much is due to Ms. Berry. Ms. Berry is a demanding, yet caring instructor who has been able to balance asking a lot of my son with genuine concern for his musical and personal development. Ms. Berry is herself an accomplished flutist. She knows her instrument extremely well, and chooses pieces at just the right level for my son. As his skills have grown, so has the complexity of the pieces that he is assigned. Ms. Berry has been open to requests for pieces that my son has made. For example, currently my son is learning The Nightingale, a piece that he requested after hearing Ms. Berry perform it herself. There have consistently been two recitals per year, and all of Ms. Berry's students perform multiple pieces at each recital. Ms. Berry is a wonderful teacher, and if you are looking for someone to teach flute to you or your children, look no further.

Stephen R., Canton, MA

Yulia Berry is a superior flute teacher. I had taken private flute lessons as a young adult but for many years, I was on my own. When I came to study with Yulia, she very quickly brought my playing to a whole new level. She is very conscientious and precise in her teaching. She not only listens to the sounds you make on your flute but she watches your form and technique. She thinks carefully about the material that her students are studying and her recitals are rich with beautiful music. I highly recommend her as a Flute teacher; you will not be disappointed.

Laura G., Brockton,  MA  

I am a new student with Yulia  and she is simply fantastic. I have many years of saxophone experience and I know music. It is clear to me that she is an exceptional teacher and it will be anyone's good fortune to study with her. For anyone at any level she is a rare gem of a teacher with both the passion and the skill for what she does.  

Jim W, Quincy, MA

Yulia is truly the best flute teacher that I have ever had the pleasure to study with. She knows an incredible amount about flute instruction and technique. Her explanations of flute playing are detailed and easy to comprehend. I have grown more in the two years she has been my teacher than the five other years I have played.‎

Sylvia B, Needham, MA

I have been studying with Yulia since I first picked up a flute seven years ago and I'm still studying with her. Yulia is like a bottomless pit of knowledge and she always has something new and exciting to teach. She cares so much for each of her students and their success. She gives each of us so much attention each lesson and is totally inspiring in everything she does. I have achieved so much learning with her and she is everything you could ask for in a teacher.

Jaimie C, Boston, MA

I have been playing the flute for almost 30 years and in that time have received superior training. Yulia Berry has teaching techniques that have taken my playing to a new level. I'm amazed at how much I have learned from her. I have seen her work with flutists of all skill levels and as a middle school teacher myself, I can attest to the fact that she has the ability to meet the needs of her students. She has a supportive and encouraging nature. If you choose Yulia as a flute teacher, you will not be disappointed!

Teresa C., South Boston, MA

Dear Yulia,
I am absolutely impressed of how you can bring up the best of Paula. She had an amazing lesson yesterday and she was saying in the car: "I love Yulia". I very very much appreciate your diligence and commitment teaching us. Your teaching skills are exceptional and we feel very lucky to be your students. (From an email)

My daughter began to learn flute six months ago and she became one of Yulia's students one month ago. We do appreciate her nice and interesting class. My daughter loved to practice more and more because Yulia always encourages and keeps her going ahead nicely. Also very important thing is she got confidence during Yulia's class and the recital. The recital last week really impressed our family. It is amazing that her senior students played at the very professional level. I am wondering how skillful Yulia should be. We felt so lucky to have Yulia as a teacher even we have to drive one hour to have a class. We think it is worth it!

Parents of Linda Z., Malden, MA

My daughter, Paula (8 years old) and myself started taking lessons with Yulia back in April 2010. She is a superb teacher, committed and very patient with new students like my daughter and I. She takes her job very seriously, never waste a minute and she is always going the extra mile to ensure her students are progressing. Yulia has added a new dimension to our lives and we would be forever grateful of her lessons. Thanks to Yulia, we are now playing and enjoying flute every day. We highly recommend her lessons and can guarantee that you can't never go wrong with her. If you like flute and you are considering lessons you should call Yulia right away. She is not only an amazing teacher but also a wonderful person. We can assure you that you would enjoy every minute of your lesson.

Teresa and Paula C., Quincy, MA

Linda was so excited to have class with you. I could feel her happy and she is more likely to practice flute than before. We are so lucky to have you as her teacher.

Parent of Linda Z., Malden MA

 My first flute lesson with Mrs. Berry was a complete and total lifesaver. Just prior to it, I had attended my first orchestra class in school. I was not new to flute, but I had only ever played simple exercises. Upon my attendance, I came to the realization that I was in dire need of a flute teacher, as I could not even play a single piece and had not the faintest idea of how to do it in an orchestra. With no more than a few days to find a flute teacher, I asked my mother to see if she might find one online. My mother, in turn, sent emails to a few contenders. Mrs. Berry responded almost immediately and, though it was not ideal timing, she held an "emergency lesson" for me at her home. Within that one lesson, I learned much about playing in an orchestra, so that I would not be so lost. I also discovered that a third octave exists on the flute. This came as news to me and I learned the majority of it within the hour. In only a couple of months, I have become completely comfortable in an orchestral environment and continue to expand my knowledge of flute in every lesson such that I also enjoy playing and practicing.
 In short, the experience with Mrs. Berry's flute lessons by far bested all others taught by other instructors. Learning comes at a surprisingly rapid pace with fresh, interesting materials always on hand. Recitals, encouraged, though not enforced, are enjoyable and comfortable rather than nerve racking, and overall, Mrs. Berry's flute lessons have been nothing short of outstanding.

Sarah F., Scituate, MA

I have been taking lessons with Yulia for almost two years and I have progressed so much. She has unique exercises that help with flute technique and makes sure that her students understand the other aspects of music besides the notes. She offers participation in 4 recitals a year which means that her students have the opportunity to study multiple pieces a year. Each new piece presents new challenges to the student that leads to growth. Furthermore her students have the opportunity to play with a professional pianist which develops another important facet of playing. She is also a caring person.

Jenn M., Dedham, MA

She is a great person!! I started flute lesson with her last year and she is definitely the best music instructor I have ever met! She knows what she is doing and she does care about her students. The most impressive thing is not only how she plays well but also how much she knows about education and instruction. I learned a lot and progressed so much with her. If you are interested in learning flute, I highly recommend her. She's knowledgeable and responsible for her students. There are 4 recitals every year which is a great thing that makes me feel more comfortable playing flute in front of people.

Yiren W., Providence, RI

Beautiful recital today! Such a privilege to have Stephanie perform with your studio. Thank you for all you do!!

Parent of Stephanie R., Braintree, MA

Thank you for an awesome recital. Paula and I feel very lucky to be your students. Can't wait to continue to grow as a flutist in 2013. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and thanks again for your amazing lessons.

Teresa and Paula C.

All testimonials were taken from Google.com, Yahoo.com, MerchantCircle.com, Facebook  and InstrumentLessons.org.

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