Yulia Berry is a co-founder of the Web Flute Academy - an online institution, using best e-learning tools, blended with live online webinars and offered worldwide.

Individual live video lessons with Yulia Berry are available upon request and are offered through the Web Flute Academy platform.

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 Online lessons will be provided for long distance students, when there is Inclement Weather, or when a student is contagious, but feeling well enough to take a lesson. 

Benefits of Online Lessons

  • They're easy to schedule - We've all got busy calendars, this is a very hassle-free way to keep your lesson without having to schedule another activity.
  • Ear Training! Online lessons helps develop a student's musical ears and analytical listening skills to break down & interpret the music they're hearing.
  • Good Communication Skills - Technology has made telecommuting and online business boom the past several years, and the online dynamic relies on clear communication. This is great training in these life skills.
  • Students are More Focused - This study revealed that online students engage in less off-task behavior and eye contact actually increased during online lessons vs. in-person lessons.
  • Ownership of the Music - Since I can't point to specific spots on the sheet, students inevitably interact with the paper music MORE, and are responsible for looking at their music and making any necessary notations.
  • Recorded Lessons can be re-watched! - If you are sick or unavailable at the time of your lesson time, I will send you a recorded lesson. These can be re-watched and used for practice purposes all week!  
  • They're Convenient! Whether you're halfway across the country, or you're home sick, or snowed in, online lessons are the perfect solution for scheduling conflicts.

About Web Flute Academy:

Quincy, MA location 

convenient for all South Shore of Boston (towns: Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Milton, Hull, Hingham, etc)  


Sharon, MA location

We are growing! Get on our waiting list for the Fall of 2019 at our new location in Sharon, MA. (towns - Sharon, Canton, Easton, Stoughton, Dedham, Milton, Needham, etc)


Summer 2019 session

offers flexibility and convenience. Choose dates and weeks that work for you!  


Yulia Berry is the creator and the developer of ALL about FLUTE, a FREE Mobile app, available for iPhones and Androids. This is a must have for flute players of all skill levels and disciplines. With useful links, streamlining notifications, and informative articles, "ALL about FLUTE" serves as a gateway into the world of flute playing.


Yulia Berry is interviewer and editor at Chattoir Editorials - an exciting addition to the Internet community ChaTToir!, created for artists and musicians.

Yulia Berry is co-founder, along with renowned Italian flutist Onorio Zaralli, of Web Flute Academy. Web Flute Academy (WFA) is an online institution, offering an innovative way to learn the flute by blending best e-learning tools and live video meetings, while using the most advanced computer and mobile technology, as of today. Web Flute Academy is for anyone, who wants to dramatically improve their flute and performing skills, while studying in the convenient place and time. Visit WFA at www.webfluteacademy.org