Welcome to Yulia Berry's Flute Studio

Yulia Berry holds two Master degrees in Flute Performance and Flute Teaching, has developed her own teaching method and has over 20 years of successful teaching experience with kids and adults of any level. 

Enroll into Fall 2018 Semester   

  • Individual flute and recorder lessons
  • Also available: Music theory, Chamber classes, video lessons for distant learning
  • Any level. Ages 6+
  • Formal recitals with a professional accompanist
  • Studio Pizza parties
  • Positive and encouraging athmosphere
  • Real and impressive results
    Sunday openings, available at Quincy Center  

Ms. Berry is a highly experienced teacher, offering exceptional private flute & recorder instruction to dedicated students in the South Shore area of Boston, MA.

Master of Music in both Flute Performance and Flute Instruction from The Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory, Russia

Over 20 years of teaching experience at all levels, both in the US and Europe

Extensive professional performance experience as a soloist and with symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, woodwind quintets and a rock band


  • Get a head start for the school year
  • Qualify for advanced band or orchestra 
  • Develop fluid technique and mature musical style 
  • Prepare for an audition, concert, church or family performance 
  • Advance your understanding of music principles that you can apply to any music or instrument
  • Gain confidence and play flute for pure enjoyment


  • Flute technique
  • Development of a beautiful sound and controlled vibrato
  • Breath control with a diaphragmatic support
  • Ear training, intonation, sight reading, musicianship
  • Music theory, expression marks, dynamics
  • Understanding musical phrases and forms, learning aesthetic interpretation and musical organization
  • Understanding complicated rhythms and time signatures
  • Learning effective practice strategies to maximize productivity
  • Building performance skills and overcoming performance anxiety, guidance through the entire performance preparation process, performance feedback through audio and video analysis
  • Music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic and Contemporary Periods
  • Effective use of the musical body
  • Injury prevention (prevention of pain, tension, fatigue).
  • CORRECTING ANY PROBLEM with a body posture, hands and an embouchure
  • Discarding bad habits – musical, physical and mental
  • Weekly individualized feedback and more....


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Yulia Berry is the creator and the developer of ALL about FLUTE, a FREE Mobile app, available for iPhones and Androids. This is a must have for flute players of all skill levels and disciplines. With useful links, streamlining notifications, and informative articles, "ALL about FLUTE" serves as a gateway into the world of flute playing.

Yulia Berry is interviewer and editor at Chattoir Editorials - an exciting addition to the Internet community ChaTToir!, created for artists and musicians.